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Nikki is a 19-year-old senior from the University of the Philippines Los Banos taking up BS Development Communication.

She likes loves to write and read a lot. She is a pseudo-artist who sings and dances and acts crazy all the time. She loves all things pink and fluffy.

By the way, she sucks at about me's.

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Internship Diaries: SIM Democracy

This would be a short post, since I’m so exhausted with today. I think I’ll just edit this tomorrow, but I’ll still make it for reference.

Instead of going to the office, I went to FNF to participate in an activity where you play a board game called SIM Democracy. You would play the role as government and you will try to allocate enough funds for the different sectors inside your country.

It was really a good game and the activity was really interesting. I am actually surprised on how active I was, especially during the dialogue between the participants.

More about this tomorrow!

Ate nikki! Hi, ako yung anon na nagtanong about devcom. Actually, waitlisted lang ako and kanina yung interview. Gusto ko sana magthank you kasi nakatulong yung mga sinabi mo sa ta ko dun sa sagot ko kanina sa interview hehe thank you!! :-) -abby

Hi Abby! Yey, glad it helped. Hoping to see you in LB! Update me ha, para ma-meet kita sa campus tour niyo. :D

Monday, April 21, 2014

Internship Diaries: Fresh Start

The past few months have been very nerve-wracking and faith-stretching for me. I waited and waited and waited for acceptance letters to arrive, for right moments to come, and for redemption to come and see me. It was months of waiting and rationalizing things inside this over-analyzing head of mine.

And now, the answers and the moments came. And I really can say that our God, who is so big, cares for someone as small and unnoticeable as me. That the God who created the vast universe still looks into the smallest details of my life. That He can give me countless and countless of fresh starts when I needed one. And this is one fresh start that I know will be memorable for me.

Today, I started interning at Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership which is under the Ateneo School of Government at Loyola Heights, Quezon City. It’s a two-hour ride away from home, from Monday to Saturday. Although I am used to the metro, I couldn’t help but feel insignificant among the throngs of people, especially when I was inside MRT and LRT. But still, it made me feel important as well — it felt like I was a young professional already.

I already met my co-interns who are really friendly and kind. Even the Kaya Natin staff and all the people in the office were very warm towards us as well (they even offered us food and pasalubong hehe). As we were just there for orientation, there was just a little work to do like inviting people to follow KN’s social networking sites and creating motivational posters for the said sites. It was a ho-hum day at the office, but still memorable for me.

I am grateful for this opportunity, as I am hitting two, well actually three birds, with one stone. First, I am required to be an intern in a development-oriented organization. Second, I really want to work here in Kaya Natin because there programs really create social change among their participants. Third, I wanna get away and experience new things and learn to be independent as well. I know that this is not an accident and I am meant to experience all of this right now.

I will do my best to make God proud(er) of me with this.

Thursday, April 10, 2014
Hi! Incoming freshie ako ng DevCom sa UPLB and I'd like to ask if mahirap ba siya and worth it ba yung course? Thanks, ate! :-)

Hi! Wala namang hindi mahirap na course. :) Pero super worth it siya, especially kung super love mo magsulat, mag-talk, gumawa ng videos and posters and you have the heart to communicate change. So ayun, I encourage you to enjoy the course dahil sobrang saya at sobrang madami kang matututunan bilang isang DevCom student.

P.S. Wag ka ng mag-anon! Para ma-meet din kita. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
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